Luxurious and extremely durable wallpaper restoration, with elegant
designs that have stood the test of time.


Lincrusta Installers

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Offering a selection of skilled decorating services, Highly Decorated is an innovative new company. Including wallpaper restoration and digital image wallpaper, we are here for all your decorating needs. Our wallpaper restoration services are available for listed buildings, dating as far back as the late 1800s. This is a service that is one of a kind in the South East of England. With only eight other companies offering this across the world, we’re pleased to be able to provide our customers with such a niche service. As well as our specialist services, we also offer general painting and decorating.

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Lincrusta Installers / Fitters

Lincrusta was launched in 1877 and instantly became a success. Offering wallpaper designs for many high-class homes, including royal residences. Their designs were even used in many of the luxury bedrooms aboard the Titanic. Famed for being the first ‘washable’ wallcovering, Lincrusta’s designs were sought after due to being easy to clean.

At Highly Decorated, we are one of the only companies in the UK offering wallpaper restoration dating back to the 1800’s. We’re also one of very few companies to offer new installs of Lincrusta's designs. We’re proud to offer our customers a decorating service that is distinctly unique.

Lincrusta company produce a number ofwall decorations such as Lincrusta friezes and borders & Lincrusta patterns.

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Digital Image Wallpapers

As well as offering the finest wallpaper designs, we also offer digital image wallpaper. This is a modern style of wallpaper that can be created from any high-resolution digital image. From scenery to family portraits, the image you opt to use is up to you.

Once the image is selected and tested to ensure that it’s of a high enough resolution, it’s then printed onto several sheets of wallpaper. These are then seamlessly joined together. This is an incredible service that allows you to put a photo that you love, onto the walls of your home.

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Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for all that you’ve done for us over the last month. You’ve certainly done a fabulous job painting the house but you’ve also done so much more. Your guidance, knowledge and help have been invaluable to us and your good humour and wit have helped ease the stress.

You’ve been great company and it has meant so much to us to have someone at the house who we can trust. I hope you enjoy your holiday and a well-earned break.

Teresa & Justin
Dear Michael,

Many thanks for doing (another) great job for us!

With best wishes.

Rufina & Richard Pavry, London
Dear Michael,

Thank you for coming and completing the lincruster decoration after such a delay. It was nice to meet your father. I hope he did not get too cold!

Pat, Norwich

Thanks Michael for a job very well done.


Over 35 years of experience

The services that we provide will always be of the highest quality and will always come with a smile. We always aim to offer a friendly and personal service that’s tailor-made to your home and it's decorating needs. At Highly Decorated, we believe that the experience and knowledge we offer, allows us to provide a service like no other.

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