Luxurious and extremely durable wallpaper restoration, with elegant
designs that have stood the test of time.

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Listed building owners, old pubs and properties.

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At Highly Decorated, we always like to ensure that our customers receive the best services, results, and care. That’s why we only use the finest materials, tools, and workforce. The skills that we offer are second to none, especially when it comes to restoring older wallpaper designs. As well as these specialist services, we also offer general painting and decorating.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary and the space that you love the most. That’s why when we’re in charge of updating your decor, we will always treat your property like our own. We know how important your home or business is to you, so we will always ensure the work we do is of the highest quality.

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decorating services for domestic & commercial properties

At Highly Decorated, we believe in always offering the highest quality work possible. With years of experience in the decorating industry, we are able to offer a service like no other.

Offering decorating for both domestic and commercial properties, whatever the state of your property we are able to help. Whether the distinctive 18th-century wallpaper designs in your listed building have started to peel. Or the original wallpaper in your pub has been vandalised; we can help. Offering a range of unique restorative services that only eight other companies in the world offer, it’s safe to say we are unique.

A lot of owners of listed buildings, don’t realise that old wallpaper can be restored. It may not be an easy task to restore old designs. But thanks to having a fantastic supplier and years of experience, we are able to restore most older wallpaper designs. Allowing period homes and businesses to look their best. There's no need to compromise on decor.

The wallpaper designs we use for restorative treatments and new applications come from Lincrusta. A company that is world-renowned for it’s elegant and stylish wallpaper designs. Many of which, are created to be in keeping with period styles of different eras of history, including the Victorian and Georgian times. It’s also worth noting that many of these designs are created using the original rollers made over 100 years ago. The reason for this is to keep prints as close to the original designs as possible.

Lincrusta offers a selection of patterns, friezes & borders and dado panels. All of which are designed to combine classic glamour and amazing durability and are made from all natural materials. Each wallpaper design is created using traditional, 100-year-old methods. From Gothic to Georgian ranges, there are designs to suit every period property and business.

We have experience working on a range of projects with a selection of materials. As well as using Lincrusta’s wallpaper designs, we also offer digital image wallpaper. We know that every property requires something different when it comes to decor. That’s why we specialise in unique decor. Through the use of restorative wallpaper treatments and designs that are 100’s of years old, we can provide you with the perfect look.

For all your decorating needs, from painting to wallpaper, Highly Decorated is here to help.


Over 35 years of experience

The services that we provide will always be of the highest quality and will always come with a smile. We always aim to offer a friendly and personal service that’s tailor-made to your home and it's decorating needs. At Highly Decorated, we believe that the experience and knowledge we offer, allows us to provide a service like no other.

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