Luxurious and extremely durable wallpaper restoration, with elegant
designs that have stood the test of time.

Wallpaper Restoration

At Highly Decorated, we offer a full wallpaper restoration service for designs dating as far back as the late 1800’s. Our skilled and experienced team are able to restore almost any old wallpaper design. One of the only companies in the UK offering this service, we are proud to be able to provide such a niche skill to our customers.

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that old, tattered or faded wallpaper has reached the end of its life. In fact, a lot of owners of listed buildings and period properties make this mistake. However, just because wallpaper has become old or damaged, that doesn’t mean it can’t be refurbished

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Wallpaper Refurbishment

Wallpaper refurbishment is especially important if the property is decorated to reflect a certain era. There are very few companies that offer restoration for wallpaper that comes from the Victorian and Georgian times, but we are proud to. Despite being time-consuming and fiddly work, we believe that old wallpaper is always worth trying to save. Especially, if it has an important historical value.

Whether your home is a listed historical building or you’re the landlord of a period pub, you’ll want to keep the period features looking good. Over time, the wallpaper may have become damaged, been ripped, or started to fade. You might think that this means it’s damaged beyond repair, but often, it can be restored.

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Old Wallpaper Refurbishing

Using designs from Lincrusta, we are able to offer fantastic restorations. Lincrusta is a popular wallpaper design company that offers unique, historic prints. The designs on offer are made using the same classic prints that the company first used back in the 1800s. These are elegant, glamorous, and most importantly, durable.

In cases where the wallpaper is unable to be restored, we also offer the application of new wallpaper. This can be in the same design as before, or in a new, period-appropriate one. All Lincrusta designs are made from natural materials. They're also created using the same high-quality printing process first implemented a century ago.

In our experience, refurbishing old wallpaper is a task that requires a great deal of skill and experience. That’s why there are so few companies in the UK, and the world, that offer the service. Despite the fact that there are DIY tutorials online for wallpaper restoration, it’s best to high a professional. There’s a skill to wallpaper restoration, which is why experience is crucial.

If you have a refurbishment job that needs doing, get in touch with us. We will come and view your job, make a suggestion based on what we find, and then get to work. Most old wallpaper designs can be successfully refurbished, despite the state that they’re in. However, those that can’t can still be made to fit the property’s historic style with designs from Lincrusta.

Why should I Get A Wallpaper Restoration?

Our wallpaper restoration service aims to completely rejuvenate your wallpaper. We understand the difficulty and tedious nature that is required to completely replace top quality wallpaper, not to mention the price involved too.

This is why we provide our wallpaper restoration service to all who live in the UK. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and the same. Sometimes all you need to spruce up your living space is to have your wallpaper restored to the way it was when you first had you wallpaper installation done on your home.

Wallpaper can be affected by a number of different factors, such as cigarette smoke, cooking and cooking fumes, children and there messy toys and activities, and many many more. At Highly Decorated, we are yet you find a project where we were unable to make a difference in the restoration of your wallpaper.

For all your restorative decorating needs, we’re here to help. From restoring old, tattered wallpaper to helping you to find a suitable style to replace a ruined design. Whatever you need help with, we're here.

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Over 35 years of experience

The services that we provide will always be of the highest quality and will always come with a smile. We always aim to offer a friendly and personal service that’s tailor-made to your home and it's decorating needs. At Highly Decorated, we believe that the experience and knowledge we offer, allows us to provide a service like no other.

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