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7 Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas – Transform your Boring Bedroom into a Stylish Sleeper’s Paradise

7 Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas
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Your bedroom is probably the space where you spend more time than any ever, which is why it should feel fit for royalty. Sadly, we don’t all have the financial power of a king or queen. With this in mind, finding budget-friendly solutions is essential.

Everyone deserves to be blessed with a winning bedroom, even when money is a little tight. Here are seven simple ideas that transform the room without breaking the bank. What are you waiting for? Let’s start creating the bedroom of your dreams.

#1. Get New Bedding

Given that the bed is a place where you spend roughly one-third of your life, it is the most crucial piece of furniture by far. Moreover, it’s the central focus of the bedroom’s aesthetic. With this in mind, making it look and feel better than ever should be top of your agenda.

A new bed frame and mattress will cost a pretty penny, so you won’t want to do this unless absolutely vital. However, nothing feels better than new bed sheets. Whether opting for a plain design or a funky pattern, it can go a long way to bringing personality to the room too.

If the bed has become uncomfortable, a mattress topper may be the best cheap alternative for increased enjoyment.

#2. Change The Wall Colour

Wall colour is one of the first things you’ll ever notice when entering a room, even if it’s on a subconscious level. Given that this is the place where you start and end your day, ensuring the colour scheme sets a positive mood is vital.

Whether it’s painting the walls or using digital image wallpaper, this upgrade is sure to bring a monumental impact. Opt for light colours to help reflect the light, and it can actively aid the perception of space too. Meanwhile, those textured effects are a great way to inject extra character.

You could invest huge sums of money into other upgrades and see a far smaller improvement. Whether a sole project or part of a bigger makeover, this is an essential feature.

#3. Play With The Lighting

Lighting goes a long way to setting the mood of any room. With regards to the bedroom, there is an even greater need for versatility due to the fact you spend the morning and evenings in this environment.

Installing a dimmer switch to the main ceiling lighting is a very cost-effective way to bring change. Use this as an opportunity to start using LED lights too, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards for the long haul too. However, table lamps and spotlights built into furniture or around dressing tables can take things to another level.

Depending on the nature of the ceiling lights, you may not need a lampshade. If you do, however, make sure that they suit the rest of the room. This goes for lamps too. In fact, changing this aspect might be better than replacing the whole product.

#4. Upcycle Old Goods Into Decorative Pieces

You needn’t always invest money into new products. Sometimes, it can be possible to give your bedroom a serious makeover simply by repurposing some old goods that have gone unloved. Not only is this option extremely cost-effective, but it also provides a huge sense of satisfaction.

The bedroom should be a place that makes you smile. Mounting an old guitar on the wall can highlight your passion for music. Aside from celebrating your hobbies, you could turn old cushion covers into a unique blanket. If it creates a sentimental vibe as well as an aesthetic upgrade, you can’t go far wrong.

Alternatively, if you’re upgrading a child’s bedroom, old toys can be turned into funky features too. One way or another using those items in an effective manner can cut your overall spending greatly.

#5. Create More Space

A cramped bedroom can feel very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to sleeping. Positioning mirrors in the right places can help create the illusion of bigger space. Meanwhile, you can take things even further with a couple of simple tricks.

Mounting a television to a bracket can create space by either removing TV stands or clawing back surface space. Meanwhile, shelving can save floor space. Utilise the back of doors and other hidden areas too, and the room will feel bigger and better in no time.

Switching from curtain to blinds can work wonders too, although it is a slightly more expensive job. Still, it’s well worth your consideration.

#6. Buy A Rug

Changing the whole carpet is an expensive job, especially when a lot of it is covered by the bed and other furniture. If there is a need to make an upgrade here, a professional clean should do the trick. For a new image, though, a rug is all you need.

A rug at the end of the bed doesn’t only provide a makeover for the appearance. It can additionally add a sense of homely comfort. If the insulation has been a problem, a thick rug will also help the cause on this front.

This is also a great option for rooms with hard flooring rather than carpets.

#7. Replace Furniture Handles

Even when you do take a minimalist approach to design, the bedroom will still contain some furniture. Wardrobes and bedside cabinets may look and feel sturdy, but their handles are quite likely to have succumbed to regular wear and tear. Updating those can make them look brand new while this is an opportunity to gain a fresh aesthetic without making wholesale changes.

Another option is to replace the doors. After all, the internal aspects don’t make much of a difference to the image. As long as the condition is good, this can be a far more cost-effective solution. Finally, you could paint them for an entirely new energy.

The look of the furniture goes a long way to accentuating the room and influencing the overall vibe. When combined with some of the other ideas, it’ll produce a monumental makeover. The fact you’ll still have money to play with is a bonus.

If you want to retreat to a stylish sleeping space at the end of the day (and who doesn’t?), you don’t have to invest thousands of pounds into a gut renovation. The 7 ideas above are simple enough to pull off in a day or two and will make a dramatic difference in your room.

Here at Highly Decorated, we love hearing about new projects and ideas and are always happy to contribute to them. Whether you’ve just decided to revamp your bedroom or have been thinking about it for a while, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to talk projects through, discuss materials and explain the different costs.

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