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5 Ways to Personalise Your Child’s Bedroom Using Wallpaper

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When we talk of wallpaper, we normally think of spaces like your home’s dining room or even the front entry. However, thanks to the extensive variety of wallpapers that is available these days, other parts of your home too can be dressed up in the most beautiful colours, patterns and textures; and that includes your child’s bedroom.

That’s right, children’s bedroom wallpaper ideas can range from the pretty to the cool to the outright fantastic. In fact, you can even personalise the wallpaper to your child’s liking while engaging their creativity in the process. Here we look at five amazing ways in which you can do so.

Mirror your child’s hobbies in the wallpaper

What’s the most sure-fire way of thrilling your child? Adorning their bedroom with wallpaper that features something they absolutely love. It could be anything that makes them happy, from butterflies to robots or even fairies. When you choose such a wallpaper, you have something that connects with your child at a deeper level. Which is also why it’d be great if your child is part of the entire wallpaper selection process. If they are truly into something, they’ll make sure their choice of wallpaper reflects it.

Include your child’s favourite colours & shapes

When it comes to children’s wallpaper installation, there’s no dearth of options. If your child fancies geometric shapes (think stars and triangles), go for wallpapers that unite these shapes in creative and lively patterns. Or you can pick a single shape look for the entire room while leaving enough space for decorating with colours. And as for colours, children are known to take their colours as seriously as their ice cream. So you absolutely cannot go wrong by sticking to their preferences when it comes to colour.

But if your child is not fixated to a particular colour or shape, mixing them all up is the right way to go. Wallpapers that feature an eclectic combination of shapes and colour schemes make for an excellent option in these instances.  Applying wallpaper to the ceiling is another smart way to lend a dash of character and drama to your child’s bedroom. However, it requires a fair degree of skill and is best left to a seasoned wallpaper installer.

Let the wallpaper be the canvas for your child

A unique way to showcase your child’s artistic streak is to let the wallpaper serve as a canvas. There are wallpapers for children’s room that feature dedicated frame areas where your child can paint. Alternatively, you can also use the wallpaper as a milieu where family photos or your child’s artwork can be displayed. There are even kid’s wallpaper options where the entire wallpaper is one giant colouring book. This reusable and removable fabric paper can be used multiple times before being replaced with a new sheet.

Celebrate your child’s artwork with digital printing

The world of wallpapers has changed irrevocably since the advent of digital printing. No longer are your choices restricted to pricey hand-blocked wallpapers. Digital printing ensures that almost any image or design can be transposed onto a wallpaper – and that includes your child’s artwork. While framing your child’s art onto a wall is awesome, nothing can beat the cool quotient of having an entire room covered with it.

It doesn’t matter what your child likes to draw. Just take their favourite piece of art and have it digitally printed onto a wallpaper. From enlarging the art to cover a wider area of the room (one complete side of the wall, for example) to having it printed in a repeat pattern interspersed with several flourishes of colour, wallpaper installers these days offer digitally printed papers in a variety that is mind-blowing. Regardless of what you choose, your child is sure to be thrilled beyond measure.

As an aside, you can also have their art printed onto stuff like drapes, beddings, and cushions in addition to the wallpaper. Besides complementing the look of the wallpaper, this also takes your child’s artwork beyond the walls.

Let the wallpaper inspire ideas in your child

When you recreate your child’s favourite setting in their bedroom, you plant a seed of imagination in their minds. Whether it reproduces your child’s favourite animal, sport, or even a paragraph from their favourite storybook, the right designer children’s wallpaper is capable of capturing the spirit of an environment while transporting your child straight into its heart. So if your child is a fan of outdoor camping, a wallpaper with an image of a bonfire or a canopy of birch trees can have an instant and lasting impact. The range of choice includes fictional as well as non-fictional characters, which is what makes cartoon bedroom wallpaper options such a safe and popular idea.

The choices you have when it comes to wallpaper restoration or iinstallation foryour child’s bedroom are diverse. Actually, if you are up for it, you might as well leave the whole thing to your children. We are sure you’ll not regret it and your child will absolutely love you for it.

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