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What are the Different Types of Wallpapers | Infographic

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Wallpaper installation is an excellent way to cover the walls of your home, especially if you are not a fan of paint. But with so many different types of wallpapers out there, picking the right one for your home can be a confusing task. Well, that is exactly the problem we attempt to address as we run you through the different wallpaper varieties and what makes each wallpaper unique.

First up, there is the simple lining paper. A wallpaper that is all function and no form, lining paper is typically used to hide imperfections in your wall before the actual painting or wallpapering process begins. Polystyrene sheets are another type that is usually sought for their practicality. Polystyrene sheets are excellent for use in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens as they help restrict condensation.

Next up is woodchip wallpaper, which is also called as ingrain wallpaper. It’s one of the cheapest ways to paper over your walls. But if you want something modern that also offers a wider choice of patterns, anaglypta wallpapers are perfect. Their durability is only surpassed by that of supaglypta wallpapers, which are an improvement over anaglypta papers. The improvement is down to the use of cotton fibres in their manufacturing, which creates a long-lasting wallcovering.

Homeowners with larger budgets should consider flock wallpapers. These premium-priced papers boast of a rich fibre pattern that is reminiscent of velvet with its luxurious feel. But if you want something more shiny and eye-catching, foil wallpapers with their metallised finish are a good pick. These wallpapers are highly reflective, a quality that is useful if you want to light up a dark room. The same reflectiveness is also a weakness, however, as the wallpaper highlights your wall’s imperfections unignorably.

If you want an extensive range of colours and designs to choose from, printed wallpapers are your best bet. Available in hand- as well as machine-printed varieties, these wallpapers can complement any space in your home, except perhaps rooms where condensation and steam are prominent.

Vinyl and washable wallpapers don’t face this problem as they are resistant to the effects of water exposure and retain their appearance for years to come. That said, vinyl and washable wallpapers are not the same. In the former, a vinyl layer is pasted onto a base paper layer while in washable wallpapers, the printing is done using water-resistant ink and the paper itself is coated with a plastic layer thereafter.

The choice of an appropriate wallpaper, as such, depends upon your budget, room environment and your preferences. If you’d like more assistance with choosing the right wallpaper for your home, get in touch with us today. Highly Decorated offers wallpaper installation services in and around the Essex region. We offer an assortment of digital image wallpaper options and Lincrusta patterns. Highly Decorated is also among the few providers of wallpaper repair and wallpaper restoration services in the UK.

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